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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

If you're thinking to take your business online, do not hesitate, that's the best decision you've have ever made.

Welcome to Digital Marketing !!!

But before that, you should understand why you need it? What's the goal & objectives you are trying to achieve? How it will be more beneficial for your business, from your previous marketing methods/strategies when your business were offline? Is there demand for your products/services online? All these questions will give you insights about the purpose of your Online presence.

Once you know all your purposes, you are ready to land on Digital Marketing World; do not worry !!! you don't need to fasten your seat belt. We will take care of your Online health here. The first thing you will be thinking about; is to appear on top of the SERP's(Search Engine Result Page's) using both ways; SEO & SEM/PPC.

Now, let me explain you in a easy way about the difference between SEO(Search Engine Optimization)/Organice Search & SEM/PPC(Search Engine Marketing/Pay Per Click).

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) allows your website to rank well in Organic(Free) result, which also builds a trust-bridge between you & your customers. Where, Search Engine Marketing allows you to target only the eligible audience, who are more likely to convert and interested in your product/services. SEM/PPC provides you a powerful reach & control, by using which you can tailor your audience for fruitful result.

Let me give you an example; if you are selling water pumps online and present on the top of the organic(free) result. You will receive visitors from around the globe for a wide area of water pumps niche. Even, students who got their homework to write about Water pumps with pictures, will give you atleast 50 students of visitors on your site to gather information for their homework, which is actually no use for your business objective, rather than getting useful link juice.

Now, think about the huge holding banner for which you have spent a lot, to get it advertised in the middle of the city with a specific mobile number in it, to get real customers; who will purchase real pumps from you and the very next day you recieved a call from a college to plan a water pump system to fulfill their water needs.

You got the difference? This advertising holding banner in the city works same as Search Engine Marketing/Pay per click Ads. You will be able to target those people only who are most interested in your product/service regional wise. If you don't provide service to your neighbour state, then it's done. Your Advertising will only target your current state, with real customers who are willing to pay for your product/service.

I think now you are very clear about, starting your Search Engine Marketing Campaign? (Be ready with your KPI's)

Now, allow me to show you the mechanism of Search Engine Marketing, with the help of this, very easy to understand & helpful video by Hal Varian, Google's chief economist to know about how exactly Ads get placed & ranked on top of the SERP's.

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